Salvare Worldwide Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of innovative life preserving and rescue equipment. We have an exciting schedule of product launches throughout 2015 and 2016, starting with SeaPod, Noah Second Breath, and our range of Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs).

Based in the heart of Hampshire, England, Salvare is an active member of the British Marine Federation and wholeheartedly supports its initiatives to keep the British Marine industry in the forefront of quality manufacturing.  Our products are based upon over 6 years of prior R&D history through the acquisition of intellectual property rights developed by sister companies.  We are strongly placed to bring patented innovative lifesaving technologies to market that genuinely offer customers significant improvements over existing product offerings.

Salvare manufactures leading edge solutions for the following sectors:

  • Onshore and offshore maritime industry - oil & gas platforms, docks, harbours & marinas etc.
  • All forms of boats and ships - leisure, fishing, workboats, freight carriers, tankers, cruise liners, military
  • Aerospace - all forms of aircraft: fixed and rotary wing, land and seaborne, civilian and military
  • Emergency services transport, interception and rescue vehicles, vessels & aircraft
  • Military - special forces survival products

Salvare's products, which are all UK manufactured, are available worldwide direct from ourselves at present, but we are committed to appointing first class distributors** in all major territories throughout the world.

NEWS: Salvare participated in, and co-sponsored of the Marine Interdiction Operations conference 16-17 Sep in Genoa Italy.

**NEWS: Our senior management team will be visiting METS (Amsterdam 18-20 Nov) and will be available for meetings with potential distributors**



FACT: 80% of all drownings occur within sight of land. A person in a life jacket cannot be seen from 50m away.
SeaPod Is visible from the air and the shoreline.

FACT: The biggest killer is hypothermia - leading to drowning.
SeaPod Removes survivors from frigid sub-surface water temperatures and dramatically prolongs life.

FACT: Due to size & weight most craft only carry life vests, not life rafts.
SeaPod Is lightweight & compact - can be stowed on and thrown from any size vessel, vehicle or aircraft.

FACT: The injured, elderly, children and many females cannot board life rafts unaided.
SeaPod Has a freeboard of just 7cm. Easily boarded by any age or size of person.

FACT: Most survival apparatus is heavy and difficult to deploy by children or the injured and elderly.
SeaPod Can be deployed by anyone - child or adult.

FACT: The lifebuoy is history - the future is SeaPod.
SeaPod Meets or exceeds standard marine requirements.



3-5 breaths underwater, 6-8 breaths on land.

Pure oxygen

  • breath holding duration is up to 5 times
    longer than with air.

Aluminium or polymer construction

  • lightweight and durable.

Mouth activated delivery system

  • overcomes all of the disadvantages of heavy, cumbersome tanks and hoses.

Worn on the wrist or upper arm

  • unobtrusive yet immediately accessible.

Contained within a neoprene sleeve

  • one size fits all.


  • will last for years and years and multiple operations.

Essential equipment for divers, surfers, yachtsmen, workboat crews, offshore platform workers, ship surveyors, miners, civilian emergency services, and many more at risk of drowning, suffocation or smoke inhalation.


Available in yellow or black versions, Salvare's life vests (PFDs) are either automatically inflated upon contact with water or manually inflated via a mouth piece. Constructed from Thermoplastic PolyUrethane (TPU) Salvare PFDs fully conform with SOLAS requirements.

Each life vest is equipped with a water activated strobe LED to aid rescuers locate casualties, and to assist multiple survivors huddle together as a life (and morale) preserving measure.

The Double-S SOLAS vest is robustly made yet weighs only 1.1Kg. and requires minimal storage space.

Salvare Worldwide Ltd Little Kitfield Gradwell Lane Four Marks Hampshire GU34 5AS
Salvare Worldwide Ltd is registered in England No 8884933. Reg Office: Union House, Walton Lodge, Bridge St, Walton on Thames, Surrey KT12 1BT, England.