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The Mini-Pod  - Inflatable survival platform expertise
Don’t throw them a Life ring throw them a Mini-Pod

Salvare Worldwide is best known for its innovative inflatable survival platform, the Seapod, but now its new smaller cousin, the Mini-Pod, is proving to be just as popular across even more markets.

Like the Seapod, the aim of the Mini-Pod is to provide a place of refuge and buy hours rather than minutes for survivors waiting to be rescued from the sea.

Although it doesn’t take the place of a life raft or life jacket, the device solves the age old problems of quick deployment, visibility, and staying safely out of the water to avoid hypothermia.

The Mini-Pod attracted a great deal of attention at the Southampton Boat show and Seawork International this year.

That’s largely due to the fact that it has all the qualities of its cousin the Seapod but it’s much smaller and oblong shaped, meaning it’s even more lightweight and quicker to deploy in man overboard situations. As well as being suitable for stowage on board large ships, coastal vessels, small boats, helicopters and aircraft, it’s also highly suited to the leisure and marine/wharf markets.

Once upon a time if someone fell in the water you’d throw them a life ring, but now it looks like a very good idea to throw them a Mini-pod instead. Would you rather be on it or in it?

Being cast overboard is a very frightening experience and it can also be life threatening. So there are numerous benefits to equipping yourself with a Mini-Pod in addition to your life jacket and life raft.

Because of its compact size, the Mini-Pod can be deployed to survivors within a very accurate range, which is not always possible to do with a life raft due to its weight and size.

The Mini-Pod auto inflates and because of its symmetrical design, it will always inflate the right way up, which is something you cannot guarantee with a liferaft.

It is not hugely affected by wind conditions and the skirt around the outside adheres to the water surface, making the whole platform extremely stable in all conditions.

The Mini-pod has a small freeboard which enables easy boarding even when wearing a life jacket. b Rescuers can either pull survivors back to the boat in a man overboard situation, or come alongside the survivor and use the Mini-Pod’s freeboard to get the victim back onboard.

Like the Seapod, the Mini-Pod is equipped with Solas approved LED lighting and its highly visible bright Yellow/Orange colour makes it easy to spot out at sea.


Notes for Editors
Salvare is based in the UK and a member of the British Marine Federation, the business was formed early in 2014, but actually has over 6 years of prior history through the acquisition of intellectual property rights developed by its sister company.

*The Carley Liferaft was used throughout World War II as a survival platform but offered no protection from the elements just a place to wait for rescue saving thousands of lives because it got the sailors out of the water delaying the onset of hypothermia.

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