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20 April 2016 – Adding still further to its unrivalled portfolio of MOB equipment, SeaSafe has just signed a worldwide distribution agreement with British company Salvare for their patented, innovative inflatable survival platform.

Several years in development, the British conceived and manufactured SEAPOD™ is designed for MOB situations. Stored in a purpose made rip-away valise, SEAPOD™ can be swiftly deployed and its two separate chambers will activate and auto inflate as soon as it comes into contact with water. Only a few centimetres thick, it has strategically placed hand and foot holds to ensure survivors can board easily. Once there they can stay in position without being immersed in freezing water – a critical factor delaying the onset of hypothermia. Out of the water and on the SEAPOD™ they have a place of refuge for what could be hours waiting to be rescued from the sea.

Unlike a conventional life raft it doesn’t matter which way up the SEAPOD™ inflates once it is in the water as both the top and bottom surfaces are identical. And due to its patented design the outer skirt adheres to the water surface making it highly stable and capable of maintaining a steady position. Along with its slim profile it makes exiting the water easy even if the individual is cold and exhausted.

Additional benefits include a low profile which means strong wind conditions have a minimal effect on it; a highly visible colour scheme to assist rescuers in locating survivors; lightweight enough to be thrown accurately to the in-water casualty and its suitability as a boarding aid or platform for survivor recovery.
Primarily intended for inshore use, its pre-inflated compact size makes it the ideal MOB device for smaller craft yet significant interest in SEAPOD™ has come from vessels of all sizes including large ships. It will also appeal to operators of waterside sites such as marinas or harbours and quaysides with public access.

SEAPOD™ is available in three different sizes – SEAPOD™ 1.8m for one to two people, SEAPOD™ 3.0m for four to eight persons and the 1.4m MINI-POD™ for a single person. The large size 3.0m version is also designed to be linked together, therefore creating a larger area for a greater number of survivors.

Commenting on this new distribution agreement, Jeremy Dale, managing director of SeaSafe, said, “We are delighted to have reached an agreement with Salvare allowing us to sell the SEAPOD™ worldwide to our UK and International customer base. It’s equally pleasing that this highly innovative MOB device is totally British designed and made. This ingenious inflatable platform offers protection from the onset of hypothermia and increases the chances of survival because it enables a person to easily climb aboard what is a stable platform. For inshore use it will appeal to both recreational sailors and professional mariners, together with air and water borne rescue services. It is certainly a viable and effective alternative to a traditional life raft; its compact carry size makes it especially suited to smaller craft where space is at a premium.

“A valuable addition to our extensive range of MOB recovery options, SEAPOD™ represents an important step forward in MOB recovery. We are confident that it has significant potential with worldwide sales prospects.”

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Notes to Editors
First established in 1966, SeaSafe are a British, family owned company specialising in marine safety clothing and marine safety products.
Operating from their own 8000 sq ft factory in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, they are best known for pioneering the development of the all-in-one foul weather coat with integrated lifejacket – the coat that becomes a lifejacket in less than 5 seconds. Now the preferred choice for professional seafarers it is worn by more harbour masters worldwide than any other type of jacket.

SeaSafe today is recognised as ‘the one-stop resource’ for marine safety products for both professional mariners and recreational sailors, with product ranges designed specifically for each sector.
SeaSafe are also now the only British independently owned manufacturer of lifejacket lungs, supplying this core component of lifejackets to other lifejacket brands.







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