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Minipod is a lightweight, easily deployed, auto - inflating life saving platform designed to enable personnel to easily remove themselves from an immersion environment. 

Minipod is an alternative to traditional life preservers and life rafts.

Minipod is equipped with SOLAS approved LED lighting and can be supplied with a MOB location beacon.


  • Can be produced in Olive Green/Black
  • Can be utilised for equipment transfer ship to shore
  • Can be utilised for river crossings
  • Can be linked together to create a larger flotation area


  • Light weight
  • Minipod offers a greater chance of survival by enabling an individual to exit the water
  • Minipod has a minimal freeboard enabling survivors to exit the water even if exhausted and wearing waterlogged equipment
  • The onset of Hypothermia is reduced by removing survivors from the water
  • Minipod can be deployed rapidly and auto-inflates on contact with water
  • Minipod is lightweight enough to be thrown accurately to the individual in distress
  • Minipod is double sided and can be used regardless of which surface faces up
  • Minipod has an outer skirt that sticks to the waters surface assisting in the survivors efforts in removing themselves from the water
  • Minipods low profile means that strong wind conditions have a minimal effect on it
  • Minipod due to its highly visible colour scheme assists potential rescuers in locating survivors
  • Minipod can be used as a boarding aid or platform for survivor recovery


  • To extend survivability for individuals in a cold water man overboard scenario
  • To provide personnel with an alternative to conventional ‘life preservers/rafts’
  • To provide a survival platform that is compact enough to be carried by small craft, and rotary or fixed wing airframes
  • To provide a life saving device for immediate use in emergency situation
  • To provide a life saving device that can be utilised alongside conventional life saving equipment in both maritime and air applications


Having a place of safety and allowing time for survivors to recover before being rescued at sea is behind the newly designed SEAPOD™ inflatable survival platform. The device combines the latest technology, with proven research to solve the age old problem of surviving critical hours before rescue comes; problems of quick deployment, hypothermia, visibility of survivors and staying safely out of the water. The SEAPOD™ could also be used as a boarding aid as it is a  stable enough platform to help the survivor board which ever vessel is rescuing them. 

UK Company, Salvare Worldwide, has developed the ingenious SEAPOD™ as a solution. A lightweight, easily deployed, fully interlocking inflatable life saving platform based on the Carley Float concept. Unlike the Carley Float, the SEAPOD™is light, it weighs less than 7kg or 3Kg if using the MINI-POD™) and is packed in a protected valiase) It offers excellent protection from the onset of Hypothermia and increases the chances of survival. This is because it enables a person to get easily onto basically the surface of the water and out of the hyperthermia zone.  The SEAPOD™ can be stowed on large ships, coastal vessels, small boats, helicopters and aircraft alike. Where reliance upon lifejackets alone is a thing of the past.  

Salvare states the SEAPOD™ is a unique development, “We recognised the market need for a truly safe survival platform early on. Through intensive research, we found that while there are Liferafts with Freeboards, these often failed to launch or on inflation they have ended upside down, they are extremely difficult to board, leaving survivors still in the water at the mercy of mother nature and hypothermia with nothing but a Lifejacket to rely on. The SEAPOD™ offers a much higher chance of survival and is such a big step forward in safety of life at sea.” 

The SEAPOD™ has two separate auto inflatable chambers activated as soon as it hits the water and it is capable of retaining a steady position. Even if one chamber is punctured the SEAPOD™s unique design enables the other chamber to be manually further inflated to maintain optimum buoyancy.

A small freeboard, allows water to flow freely over the platform, cutting down on the amount of water retained on-board. Getting onto the platform has been made simple by reducing the overall thickness of each platform. The SEAPOD™ is only a few centimetres thick and has strategically placed hand and foot holds to ensure survivors board easily. Once there, they stay in position, without being immersed in freezing water, a critical factor delaying the onset of Hypothermia. Being on the surface of the water survivors are also more visible on a SEAPOD™ than if wearing a lifejacket alone.

Salvare produces several versions of the SEAPOD™ in various shapes and sizes designed to carry one or multiple survivors. All are equipped with Solas approved LED lighting as standard. Bright orange in colour and can be manufactured to clip together to make a much larger survival surface. The top of the range version is installed with a MOB location beacon to alert ships and aircraft to its exact location.

SEAPOD™ applications are variable and suitable for Rescue Services worldwide (Land, Sea and Air), ship and boat owners, along with dock and harbour-side marinas and authorities. The product range is available worldwide, through Salvare’s network of distributors.





For information on Seapod please visit the Seapod page


For information on Seapod please visit the Seapod page


For information on Seapod please visit the Seapod page