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Maritime hazards associated with the increasing incidence of piracy, terrorist attack & smuggling have unfortunately become ever more frequent in recent years. Commercial companies, government organisations & private yacht owners are all being affected & increasingly need to plan suitable counter-measures to minimise the risk to their assets & even lives.

The Sea Scorpion LVI is a proven, cost-effective, non-lethal, vessel arrest system, designed to halt craft in motion by means of direct intervention with a craft propulsion system. This is achieved remotely via pneumatically launched fouling elements that prevent propeller rotation. Launched from Salvare Worldwide launch systems, with extended range capability offered by Sea Sam, the Scorpion can be deployed from a pursuing or static vessel directly in to the path of an approaching or fleeing vessel. Portable or fixed launcher options are available. Several pre-sited LVI mounted around a larger vessel can help prevent simultaneous attack from multiple craft. During extensive trials at The Royal Navy diving school facility near Portsmouth, The Sea Scorpion has repeatedly immobilised 160bhp V6 inboard stern-drive propulsion systems normally within 1.5 to 3 seconds of vessel engagement.

Sea Scorpion LVI are suitable for a wide range of launch site applications including: shore to ship, ship to ship or in the form of a static barrier laid from harbour side. The portable, lightweight & non-pyrotechnic launch systems available, make Sea Scorpion LVI a practical & affordable solution even for smaller privately owned vessels.

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